DEKRA Becomes World's First Matter Accredited Laboratory


At present, Matter has become one of the hottest topics in the global Internet of things industry. After two rounds of global testing activities SVE1 and SVE2, DEKRA Dekai Spain Malaga and China Guangzhou Laboratory took the lead in becoming the world's first Matter accredited laboratories authorized by CSA Alliance (Connectivity Standards Alliance), which will help Matter create more connections between users around the world, simplify the development of manufacturers, increase the compatibility of consumers, and realize its promise of reliable and safe connections.

What is Matter?

The Matter protocol developed by CSA Alliance (Connectivity Standards Alliance Connectivity Standards Alliance) is a unified connection protocol based on mature communication technologies and IP including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread and Ethernet to connect and build a reliable and secure IoT ecosystem. Matter truly realizes the interconnection and cross-platform compatibility between different brands of home appliances, lamps, switches and other products around the world. Therefore, from the beginning of the birth of Apple, Amazon, Google and other giants and global manufacturers support.
Matter products have the following advantages:

• Simple: easy to buy and use
Interoperability: Devices from multiple brands can work together locally
• Reliability: Consistent and responsive local connectivity
• User assurance: Powerful and streamlined functionality for developers and users

At the same time, blockchain technology provides the CSA Alliance with a secure, independent and verifiable source of information related to IoT devices, ultimately forming a standardized, secure, tamper-proof, and immutable debugging framework.