Twenty years of deep cultivation in the field of electronic components, Huaqiang Electronic Network opens more possibilities.


In October 2002, Huaqiang Electronic Network was officially launched. At that time, the wave of e-commerce began, and the electronic components industry showed an accelerated development trend. Huaqiang Electronic Network came into being and took advantage of the situation. In October 2022, the 20th anniversary of Huaqiang Electronic Network will come as scheduled, with 20 years of exploration and practice and 20 years of hard work. As a well-known vertical B2B platform in the field of electronic components in the country, Huaqiang Electronic Network has always insisted on "helping you do big business!" mission, insight into the industry and market pain points, grow together with customers, and help the sustainable and high-quality development of the electronic components industry.

Under the development trend of digital economy, Huaqiang electronic network actively plays the core ability of "Internet big data", provides products information display, supply and demand information release, brand promotion, industry research, SaaS, data analysis, logistics and industry media services for upstream and downstream customers of the electronic industry, and has accumulated rich resources such as members, users, supply and demand information, industry information, etc, it has become a window for many customers to obtain industry information efficiently, communicate efficiently with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and an enabling platform to quickly enhance competitiveness, helping buyers quickly and accurately match suppliers, obtain online quotations, reduce transaction risks, and save procurement time.