Fluentrop technology helps green and sustainable development



On March 10, it was jointly sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Shenzhen Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Research Institute of Hong Kong University of science and technology and Ruian XintiandiThe development forum was successfully held.



In order to respond to the opportunity of deep integration in the Greater Bay Area, promote green and low-carbon industries, sustainable urban development, and focus on global green and sustainable development issues, this forum brings together Guangdong,Many experts, scholars and industrial ecological partners in Hong Kong and Shanghai share and exchange their practices and visions in the field of sustainability, and jointly imagine the country through extensive consensus building.3060 the innovation path of urban sustainable development under the guidance of the double carbon strategic goal.



Dr. Zhu Yonggang, founder of Shenzhen Shun Entropy Technology Co., Ltd. and director of the Micro-nano Fluid Mechanics Research Center of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), served as the winner of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Million Prize Competition.Representatives of innovative enterprises attended the forum to share two advanced technologies that are closely related to sustainable development: micro-nano fluid phase change efficient heat transfer and efficient heat pipe understandingprogramme.


With the rapid development of electronic technology, thermal management has become the number one problem in various industries,Energy consumption is high, and new thermal management solutions are urgently needed.


Under the goal of a dual-carbon environment, Centropic Technology is committed to applying micro-nano fluid technology to efficient heat transfer and integrated thermal management solutions with low energy consumption and high efficiency.Provide thermal management solutions for consumer end products, high-power devices, new energy, communications, lighting, solar energy and other fields to achieve energy saving of the overall systemConsumption reduction. Contribute to the green and sustainable development of various industries.