High efficiency thermal management systems help the green development


Fluentrop technology developed the thermal management system for the 288kWh battery pack in the electric loaders 





The battery PACK uses advanced air-cooled liquid-cooled technology, which effectively ensures that the battery PACK can achieve ultra-fast charging (up to 3C), long service life (2000 + times of charging and discharging), high safety, ultra-long battery life and higher cost performance. Air cooling: on the premise of basically not changing the overall size space of the battery pack and the energy consumption of the heat dissipation system, compared with the traditional air cooling technology, the maximum temperature difference of the battery pack is reduced by 24.3, the uniformity of air volume distribution is increased by 88.4, the overall temperature difference is reduced by 38.5, and the temperature difference of the overall energy storage cabinet can be controlled within 8C.


The advantages of the national electric battery PACK system:





Liquid cooling: cylindrical battery energy storage module, proposed the use of liquid cooling entropy self-study large area VC system integration scheme, make full use of natural cold source, greatly reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration system. The maximum temperature of the battery can be controlled below 30C, and the maximum temperature difference is within 4C.

Shenzhen Shun Entropy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on high-efficiency heat transfer devices and thermal management solutions. It was established in 2021. Its headquarters is located in Guangming District of Shenzhen City. It set up a production base in Dongguan the following year, Jiangsu Gaoyou set up a new energy thermal management base, and Mianyang City production base in Sichuan Province. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-efficiency heat transfer average temperature plates and thermal management systems, committed to providing customers with one-stop efficient thermal management solutions. Company R & D team strength, technology industry leader. Jiangsu base is committed to the comprehensive solutions of energy storage system, heavy truck battery pack and commercial battery pack, including the design and manufacture of thermal management system (air cooling, water cooling, natural heat dissipation), fire protection system, system accessories selection, pipeline design, etc.


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